We Are Not The Same

We sit here before you, pleading, praying for discontinued unrest. The tides of the seas have crashed into the shore lines for ages too long. Time has met change and change has met fall. Some of which, do not understand what we fight for any more. Those that forget the advances of our lands, have not lived in the times of the loss. Those that seek punishment, restitution have never seen the destruction in which they require compensation but only the aftermath. Every soul is created unique, different, yet, they mold together in harmony unconditionally. The fire that has burnt for generations can only be extinguished when those that continue to fan them fall.

The love we seek is not the love we share, nor is it what we require. This quarrel over morality, the detrimental fight we have continued, is one of which could have been ended countless times. Yet we continue to stand between ourselves, and our futures. We seek to fan the flames of bigotry and hatred instead of freezing them and striking it down. We do not seek to eradicate the division, only to grow it wider than the limits tenaciously built for centuries before, and presently. The souls that have withered have been in vain, when those that are ignorantly vengeful re-fan these dying flames. For all we have lost we must stand together, not afar. We must unite to close the gap of our divide before it becomes our true demise.

Initiation had been started, but the savages of ignorance blissfully continued. The desires in which we initiated, have only fed the hatred of others. Those that have taken the reigns have led others into a false battle with one another, when a battle it must not be. Must no one remember the histories in which we have won victory? The steadfast events that far surpassed the results of a wasteful war? We must come, build a formation, one stronger than the successful King once had. But in doing so, we must take after our predecessor and not fault to the destruction of ourselves as we have so seen fit.

Stronger we fair, in division we fall. The separations we have faced are not worth reparations that are blindly sought after from the innocent. Not all of us, nor any of us in this age, have been guilty of the accusations brought against them. Our ancestors may have committed the heinous acts or lived through the victimizations of hell, but that battle has surpassed us so. Seeking these restitutions of emptiness will not change the future. It will not make us stronger together. Instead, we must bare our arms with guidance from the past, to change our future.

We are not all the same. The hatred, the disadvantages you have faced, we acknowledge. We shall fight with you through the fire, arriving as one in the palaces of a brighter future. One in which love and compassion is not a rare commodity, where violence and hatred is no longer tolerated. When we come together as one, we leave no space for the intolerable. We must oust the Achilles heel and create an impervious armor, one in which shall protect us from senseless blights, senseless accusations, and division of our love. In this we shall rule together, as one where we all prevail. In doing this, we not only make our previous figures proud and spit in the face of the wicked, execrable, unspeakable souls, but we will create a foundation for future generations to live peacefully and in harmony.

We may be different, however, that is only superficial. We are life. We are love. We seek the same things. Happiness, successes and compassion. In doing so, we not only achieve everything we desire, we obtain a companionship like no other, in a world where anything is possible, and possibilities are entirely endless.

Published by

Matthew Hurski

Just an avid writer sharing my mind with the world.

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