Destructive Love

The concept of love means many different things to many different people. If you ask one person, their answer may be completely different than next. This wouldn’t be such a problem if, in order to be compatible, your belief in love should be so closely related. Thousands and millions of people every year search to find their own version of the one, the soul mate, but to no avail they find themselves in a continuously devastating and frustrating cycle, or worse… the nonexistent continuum of solitude.

It’s a new age where people no longer marry to increase their economic standing nor to improve their social image. These days, people are brought up into a belief that when you get married it should be for love, not materialistic reasoning’s such as money like previous generations were living to achieve. Divorce is abundant– Perhaps the older generations are realizing their wrong doings in marrying for this very reason. That’s not to say those in the newer generations aren’t to blame for the statistical fragmentation, the newer generations to whom lack compassion are potentially worse.

We live in a society where people are emotionally imprisoned at such a young age; By the time they find “their person”, the one with the same principles, morals, and heart, they cannot successfully hold on; They cannot trust; They cannot truly love. Persons far and wide are distraught by “relationships” and “love”, simply put, the disasters of love. From high school and those various years directly proceeding, this self-loathing obstructs and damages their egos, their emotional stability, and their will to love yet again.

Sad, isn’t it? Would waiting until you’re older to learn how to love be such a bad idea?

Being emotionally and mentally broken at such a young age certainly cannot be healthy. When someone is imprisoned to the thought, the hope of love at such a young age, when they fall in love so deeply and it gets ripped away, only a feeling that could be equated to losing a very close loved-one is relatable. Whether you want to openly admit it or not, that’s how it feels. You weep, you cry, and one thing is for certain… that feeling gallops next to you for the rest of your journey like a mule carrying your burden unless, somehow, you learn to repress it.

The impact that boy, that girl, that person has created on you marks your heart in such a way that it becomes an eternally burning scar. Such is to be true in any relationship, but when it occurs earlier in life, it destroys you. It is an irreversible commencement of internal conflict and war within your mind. This generation is a sea of destroyed, injured, and tortured hearts that beg to be fixed yet, the remedy is often another person when it should be no one other than themselves.

Far too many seek resolution within others when they are hurt, broken down, and utterly in mental chaos from heartbreak. Sometimes, they seek an emotional connection in which they form an already debilitated relationship with another; one that is doomed from the start which will only impact them further upon dissolution. Others seek a different type of consolation. They seek an intimate, sexual encounter that is often used as a distraction from the hurt that they feel. The ramifications, however, can be just as catastrophic. In fact, the emotional damage obtained through this self-sabotage is much, much deeper. This action not only affects you, but if will affect others as well. Humans are, in a defaulted nature, social beings with no control over the love they feel and where its directed. The other person, the victim, can and will be injured worse than the one seeking the distraction.

Still, it goes both ways. The unintended emotional calamity that it can and often will cause will be worse than if you took the time to heal yourself. The feeling you tried to disguise, the hurt you attempted to subside will return. It will often be followed by guilt and further sadness created no one other than yourself.

The one person you believed would release you from the downward spiral of grief.

The unsettled feelings of sadness that have not been mediated will often be left untreated– carried over into other relationships, starting the rock slide that was so mentioned from the start. This cycle not only affects the one it started with, but as a deadly virus destroying it’s host from within, it will leach onto others in its path and create a vast pool of sadness and harm ending in an avoidable catastrophe that should have been sought as solace. If only people pursued a constructive repair rather than a temporary falsehood of escape.

Such is the way of human nature.

If you are not fortunate enough to dodge the tarnation which hold such hate and injury, you may end up the same as them; Infected in a way of continuous agony…

Find your own solace. Fix yourself. Do not carry the burden that such a significant part of the word holds so dear. Be the one to overcome great depths and fight harder than those to whom gave up on you long before.

Be a new generation. One that holds the antidote for the virus named heartbreak.

Published by

Matthew Hurski

Just an avid writer sharing my mind with the world.

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