Lively Thoughts

Life can be exceptionally difficult at times.

Everyone’s level of tolerance for pain is different.

Don’t judge others for feeling something you normally wouldn’t at a specific point.

Don’t walk away from others in a time of crisis and then expect others to stay for you.

Show respect and you’ll receive respect. No one ever earns it acting like an asshole.

Compassion is a commodity these days. Be the standard.

Love unconditionally, regardless of the pain it may have caused previously.

Never give up on yourself, even when it seems the world has. This too shall pass.

Be empathetic, but don’t allow others to walk on you and take you for granted.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Be consistent.

Don’t be a hypochondriac.

When you cry wolf, people will stop believing in your legitimacy.

Be someone’s rock, just don’t lose yourself in the process.

When you need help, ask for it. closed mouths don’t get fed.

Don’t lie. Even if it hurts. It’ll be the biggest fault in your reputation.

Just be you. Stop trying to be anything different.



Published by

Matthew Hurski

Just an avid writer sharing my mind with the world.

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